Join Our Club

The Franklinville Snowmobile Club would like to invite you join our Club!  Why join our Club?

  • Membership has its benefits. For example, membership with our Club gets you your voucher so your snowmobile registration will be $45 instead of $100. Tons of discounts are available; see NYSAA webiste. And don’t forget the FREE $4,000 NILICO Accidental death and dismemberment insurance!
  • Belonging to a club makes for better, safer snowmobiling. That’s right, surveys and accident statistics have shown that snowmobile club members have a much lower accident rate than non-club members. Why? Because club members tend to be conscientious, they tend to stress safety and they are aware of safe-riding issues.
  • Belonging to a snowmobile club gives you a great social outlet for your favorite hobby. You can help out on trails, attend club rides, go to club meetings, take part in club fundraisers or a club trip to a faraway snowmobiling destination. Belonging to a club gives you a good opportunity to ride with different people, experience different areas and hang out with people who have similar interests.
  • Belonging to a snowmobile club makes you a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem. If you think the trails should be groomed more often, that a certain trail should move to the opposite side of the road or if you consider some corners on the trail dangerous or poorly marked, get involved. Most snowmobile clubs seek fresh opinions and want feedback from users.
  • And the #1 reason to join a snowmobile club: It’s just the right thing to do. For all the reasons listed above and many more, you should belong to a snowmobile club. The costs are minimal, the benefits are nice and it’s your responsibility to support the sport. It’s cheap, it’s simple and it’s right.


Join through the NYSSA Website!

You can join our Club through the New York State Snowmobile Association website by clicking the link below.  By joining through NYSSA you can immediately print your Membership Voucher to provide to the DMV for a discount on your registration.

Click the link below to be taken to the NYSSA Membership website:

Join our Club by USPS

You can also join our Club by downloading and completing our Club Membership Application.  The application must be returned, by mail, to our Post Office box with a self-addressed stamped envelope and payment.  Our Club will process your application and return your Membership Voucher to you through the mail, or by e-mail.

Please allow 10 days for processing and mailing.  To download our Club application, click the link below:


2021-2022 FSC Membership Application